Target model points

Returns as a DataFrame the model points to be in the scope of calculation. By default, this Cells returns the entire model_point_table_ext() without change. model_point_table_ext() is the extended model point table, which extends model_point_table by joining the columns in product_spec_table. Do not directly refer to model_point_table in this formula. To select model points, change this formula so that this Cells returns a DataFrame that contains only the selected model points.


To select only the model point 1:

def model_point():
    return model_point_table_ext().loc[1:1]

To select model points whose ages at entry are 40 or greater:

def model_point():
    return model_point_table[model_point_table_ext()["age_at_entry"] >= 40]

Note that the shape of the returned DataFrame must be the same as the original DataFrame, i.e. model_point_table_ext().

When selecting only one model point, make sure the returned object is a DataFrame, not a Series, as seen in the example above where model_point_table_ext().loc[1:1] is specified instead of model_point_table_ext().loc[1].

Be careful not to accidentally change the original table held in model_point_table_ext().