The appliedlife Library#



appliedlife is in its active development phase, and its contents are subject to change.


The appliedlife library features IntegratedLife, a comprehensive and practical projection model designed for real-world actuarial tasks.

The IntegratedLife model offers several key features:

  • Multiple Products: Support multiple products by inheriting the base logic common to all products. Currently, the model supports VA GMAB and GMDB products, with plans to add more in future releases.

  • Flexible Input: Perform projections with various combinations of input data by simply setting parameters. For instance, specify the model point file and scenario file for a specific run using a parameter file.

  • Multiple Runs: Define multiple runs within the model, such as a base case for a certain date or a stressed case for another date, thanks to the flexible input feature.

  • External File Input: All input files are stored externally, outside of the model, allowing for decoupling data and logic.

  • Excel Output: Output projection results of a sample model point directly to Excel using xlwings.

The cashflow logic in IntegratedLife is based on the CashValue_ME model from the savings library, with several enhancements.

See IntegratedLife for more details.

How to Use the Library#

As explained in the Copying a Library section, Create you own copy of the appliedlife library. For example, to copy as a folder named appliedlife under the path C:\path\to\your\, type below in an IPython console:

>>> import lifelib

>>> lifelib.create("appliedlife", r"C:\path\to\your\applifedlife")

IntegratedLife uses xlwings in ProductBase.excel_sample. If not yet installed, install it using pip or conda.

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Library Contents#

File or Folder



The IntegratedLife model.


The parameter file of IntegratedLife


Folder containing sample assumptions, mortality tables and product specs


Folder containing economic data files


Folder containing model point files