The following is a list of the lifelib libraries. modelx indicates that the models in the library are built with it. These models can be transformed to self-contained Python packages independent of modelx using modelx’s export feature.



The basiclife Library


Basic life insurance cashflow models and examples

The savings Library


Cashflow models of saving products with cash values

The assets Library


Basic models of bond portfolios

The ifrs17a library

IFRS17 calculation model and examples

The economic Library


Basic Hull-White model

The economic_curves library

Algorithms for modeling economic scenarios

The cluster Library

Notebooks for model point selection by cluster analysis

Past Libraries#

The libraries listed below were introduced before the release of lifelib v0.1.1 and were originally referred to as “projects.” All of these libraries, with the exception of simithwilson, were developed using an older cashflow model. All the projects use modelx.