The assets Library#



This library is for modeling portfolios of financial instruments. Currently, the library includes one model:

BasicBonds models a portfolio of fixed rate bonds, generates cashflows and calculates the market value of the portfolio. BasicBonds uses QuantLib, a third-party open-source library for financial instrument valuation.


This library is in its early alpha release stage, and more contents will be added in near future.


To use this library you need Quantlib-Python, a Python wrapper for QuantLib. To install Quantlib-Python from PyPI, run the following command:

pip install QuantLib

How to Use the Library#

As explained in the Copying a Library section, Create you own copy of the assets library. For example, to copy as a folder named assets under the path C:\path\to\your\, type below in an IPython console:

>>> import lifelib

>>> lifelib.create("assets", r"C:\path\to\your\assets")

Jupyter Notebooks#

Generating sample bond data

Open In Colab

Library Contents#

File or Folder



The BasicBonds model.


Jupyter notebook Generating sample bond data