lifelib v0.1.1 (23 July 2021)#

This release introduces the following changes. To update lifelib, execute the command:

>>> pip install lifelib --upgrade

Projects renamed to Libraries

lifelib projects are now called libraries.

Introduction of the basiclife library

This release introduces a new cashflow library, basiclife.

Prior to this release, simplelife was the base cashflow library, and fastlife was the faster reimplementation of simplelife. More complex models in other advanced libraries such as nestedlife, ifrs17sim and solvency2 are based on simplelife for their base cashflow models. However, simplelife was not ideal for the base cashflow library because:

  • The model includes multiple spaces, which makes it hard for novice users to understand the model.

  • The method of calculating premiums and cash values used in the model is based on the commutation functions and is not common in many regions.

  • The model is an annual step model, but monthly step models are more common in actual practices.

The basiclife library contains a new cashflow model BasicTerm_S, and also its reimplementation BasicTerm_M, which produces the same results as BasicTerm_S significantly faster. The basiclife will be the new base cashflow library for future new libraries, although all the libraries existing prior to this release continue to be available. The new cashflow models in basiclife are monthly-step models and much simpler than the models in simplelife and fastlife. See the basiclife page for more details. The Quick Start page is also updated to use basiclife as the sample library instead of simplelife.

Special thanks to Lewis Fogden ( The BasicTerm_S is modified from a model and samples contributed by him.

lifelib v0.1.0 is discarded due to packaging error.