solvency2: Life SCR radar chart#

This script draws radar charts for selected policies. Each spoke of the radar chart represents a sub risk of SCR life risks, and the sizes of the sub risks by duration are drawn in the radar chart.

See also

  • Policy ID: 41
  • Policy ID: 171
import modelx as mx
import pandas as pd
from draw_charts_radar import draw_radar

model = mx.read_model("model")
scr = model.SCR_life
risks = ('mort', 'longev', 'disab', 'exps', 'lapse')
scenid = 1

def draw(polid):

    data = {}
    for t in range(0, 20, 5):
        data['t=' + str(t)] = scr[t, polid, scenid].Life.to_series(risks)

               ax_title='Policy ID: ' + str(polid),
               fig_title='SCR Life Risks')

for i in (41, 171):

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