simplelife: present values of cashflows#

Present values of liability cashflows of a simple whole life policy.

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import modelx as mx
proj = mx.read_model("model").Projection

vars = ['PV_PremIncome',

polid = 171

for cells in vars:
    list(proj[polid].cells[cells](t) for t in range(50))

cfs = proj[polid].frame[vars].sort_index().dropna()

[proj[polid].PV_NetCashflow[t] for t in range(50)]

ncf = proj[polid].PV_NetCashflow.frame.sort_index()

import seaborn as sns

axes = ncf.plot.line(marker='o', color='r')
cfs.plot(kind='bar', stacked=True, ax=axes)

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